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The Beginning to BOUND, Shibari Style Impressions

My journey with rope began in July 2003. The beginnings, like with many people, was a whirlwind for many reasons. I really had no idea what I was doing. The only natural thing to do was discover a way to educate myself, so I turned to the Internet. There I found Midori and with a little searching was able to speak with her. She recommended her book The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage and I purchased it. This book provided me with the beginning structure that I needed. From that point on it was practice, practice, and more practice.

My beginnings were soley for the joy of placing my slave judy in rope. It was four months later and slave judy asked me to photograph her in the rope and little did I know that her simple request would launch me into a journey that is so completely satisfying. It was not long before other women were asking me to tie and photograph them as well. I found Adult Rope Art on Yahoo and befriended Lochai, Dov, Tatu and others. Lochai had recommeded the Secret Magazine Group to me. Soon after posting some images Jurgen Boedt, the publisher of Secret Magazine, contacted me about my imagery. He loved it!

Jurgen offered me the cover of Issue #25 and I was floored. Not long after that Jurgen and I spoke about a book; BOUND, Shibari Style Impressions. This was my first book and I am honored to have Jurgen as my publisher. The book was a success and was released in June 2005 a mear 18 months from the start of Phase I of my journey with rope and photography. It has been, to my knowledge, sold out for a couple years now. Below is the digital version for you to enjoy. I am not sure if a reprinting is in the cards. We will see after reBOUND, Shibari Style Impressions is printed. Until then, enjoy! David Lawrence

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BOUND, Shibari Style Impressions Reviews

Osade Steve
“I just looked at his website and am mightily impressed by the variety and level of his rope work. It is amazing how he manages to do these ties less than two years after being introduced to Japanese Rope Bondage. I also don’t detect any showboating – he appears humble in his writing. Ancient technique or not, the ties of today’s Japanese rope masters are constantly evolving. Just for your information, it takes a guy in Japan about six years of hard work and struggle to come up in the ranks and be recognized as a nawashi.”


Jurgen Boedt, Publisher
“David Lawrence is a worldwide acclaimed photographer who has had several expositions in the USA and is one of the rising stars in bondage photography, due to his excellent lighting skills and rope work. His shibari inspired technique is refreshing, daring and highly dramatic. He is one of the key artists of his time whose work has since made a huge impact on the bondage world.”


Steve Indands Review
“It's easy to like David Lawrence's new book, BOUND Shibari Style Impressions, at 168 pages there's a lot to like. The cover is gorgeous, and only hints at the banquet to come. Although text is sparse, in the book's Forward, Sensuous Sadie writes about David Lawrence's work: "For the first time [she] saw the beauty and magic of Shibari bondage, created not only by someone who loves rope for it's own mysteries, but someone who also loves the lens." I had a similar moment of Zen when I first saw Lawrence 's work. Most of it, like that of a few other true rope artists like Osada Steve, Midori, Lew Rubens, Master K, Lochai, M. Yu, Elle the Nomad, Mark of DV8 House, Bridgett Harrington, Ds par, Clair Adams (rigging), Lynn Grant, Jim Tatu, Drachenmann, Emma Hui, and of course Randa Mai and a few others, motivates me to strive to be better at it, and to work hard to learn more. The work is a feast for the eyes, and can easily be appreciated by anyone, not just a ropeahaulic like me. And while I've seen many of the pictures on the various rope lists, and have in fact learned by studying them and those of the other artists and masters, they still strike a chord in me. Some I've not seen before and they resonate as well. Had I seen them all before, I'd still want the book, as I consider it both a complement to my craft and an essential work for my library. The pictures are gorgeous and well laid out, some in a sort of montage, overlapping background photos in a highly stylized way. The rope work is beautiful and speaks of art, style, fineness, and power. The photography is well eyed and crafted, with interesting focal points and impeccable lighting. The rope bottoms are beautiful, well known, and look like they fully appreciated and enjoyed the exciting rope craft employed. All in all, when you leave the table after the book has embraced you, you leave well sated.”


Audra’s Review
“Those of you seeking provocative, creative, fine art Shibari imagery laden with visceral sensual emotions need not look any further than David Lawrence's new hardcover publication "Bound". This black and white coffee table book explores the psyche and headspace of handfuls of beautiful women, emotionally-charged and aching for the cinch of the ties. Through the imagery of hogties, harnesses, and suspensions, each chapter tells a story about each lady's personal experience with the ropes as the ties progress. Lawrence captures the expressions, the moods, and the release so well and creatively from various angles, that when you finish a chapter you feel as if you've vicariously ridden the same roller coaster of emotion each of his subjects has. Coupled with Lawrence’s use of contrasting textures, dramatic and dynamic lighting, and verbiage from each of his subjects, this publication is nothing short of a virtually interactive, tactile wonderland that will appeal to all of your senses and leave you begging for more.”


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